WATCH: Promoting the health and wellbeing of children in immigrant families

Webinar co-hosted with NASEM's Forum for Child Well-Being, featuring Dolores Acevedo-Garcia
Published: 04.21.2021 Updated: 08.25.2021
This workshop explored the research evidence on immigrant families' access to U.S. social programs and its effects on children's mental, emotional, behavioral, and physical well-being. Panelists discussed the negative physical, cognitive, and behavioral health impacts of current immigration policies on children and highlighted promising public policy approaches that can mitigate these impacts and promote healthy childhood. Panelists included Dolores Acevedo-Garcia; Rosa Julia Garcia Rivera, Chief Operating Officer at Gads Hill Center in Chicago, IL; Maria-Elena Young, Assistant Professor of Public Health at UC Merced; and moderator Sandra Barrueco, Professor of Psychology at The Catholic University of America.