Improving the infrastructure for neighborhood indices to advance health equity

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Published: 08.31.2023 Updated: 08.31.2023


Neighborhood indices are used daily by federal and state programs, public health researchers, practitioners, and advocates as tools to advance health equity. With a growing interest in neighborhood and racial/ethnic equity from policy and health leaders, we expect—and hope—that these uses will continue to grow. In our Health Affairs Forefront blog, we provide a framework for improving index infrastructure. If neighborhood metrics are to progress as tools for equity-focused research and decision making in health care and other sectors, they need to be continually maintained, refined, updated and validated.

Headshot of Dolores Acevedo-Garcia
Dolores Acevedo-Garcia
Director, Professor of Human Development and Social Policy
Clemens Noelke
Clemens Noelke
Research Director
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Robert Ressler
Senior Research Associate
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Leah Shafer
Senior Communications Specialist